About Truvalu Uganda

Truvalu Uganda is a subsidiary of Truvalu BV that has provided investment readiness support to agribusinesses in East Africa, South Asia and South America, invests and co-entrepreneurs with these businesses. Truvalu has an academy that has researched and developed Agri-SME investment readiness tools that have been widely tested and utilized delivering impact in financing, market entry, business development support and agricultural value chain development. In terms of impact, Truvalu has supported over 10.000 of farmers and created 1000-nds of sustainable jobs. Truvalu is co-founder, shareholder and execution partner of Plus Plus, a crowdfunding platform realizing debt financing for agribusinesses in emerging economies. Small deals were made with for example Fructrac and Diamond Seeds.

Furthermore, Truvalu Uganda implemented the ENABLE Youth program Uganda funded by the Nordic Development Fund and African Development Bank to support over 100 youth agribusiness start-ups through training, coaching, mentors, business development before they received a financing injection of up to $ 7,000 each. Most of these agribusinesses were in ideation but the support they received assisted them build their Agri-startups and even in the advent of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, a survival rate over 70% of the agribusiness was achieved with over 400 jobs created. 

The team is now building a pipeline for future investments from Truvalu’s own resources. The Truvalu Uganda team consists of 4 staff.

Until now Truvalu is co-enterprising with the following Ugandese companies:

Enable youth

To address the financing challenges in the agricultural sector, the Government of Uganda, several non-governmental organizations, and donor project agencies put in place several supply-side financial initiatives and policies to make the sector more attractive, especially to the youth population, to boost the level of food production. Read the  TruStory.

Women entrepreneurship

Agribusiness Development Centre (ADC) through a partnership between DFCU Bank (Uganda) and Rabo Foundation (Netherlands), launched a Business Accelerator Program to support the growth of agribusinesses in an inclusive manner through training, sensitization, mentorship and facilitating linkage to finance to support their growth and self-sufficiency. The first cohort of trainees, a group of 50 women entrepreneurs, commenced in the second half of 2022. Truvalu Uganda coordinateed, conducted training and facilitated the ADC business acceleration program for “women in agribusiness. Read more.

The government’s National Development Plan II  identifies SMEs as fundamental contributors to job creation and economic growth in Uganda. It highlights the importance of the development of entrepreneurial and managerial skills, thus the focus of Truvalu in Uganda in terms of co-entrepreneurial business development support and investment.

Picture of David Kamukama

David Kamukama

Managing director Truvalu Uganda

Our team

1. David Marko Kamukama
Managing Director

Dr. David Kamukama is the Managing Director of Truvalu Uganda. He has over 25 years private sector experience in Uganda and the Eastern African region (Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia) with a focus on agribusiness and industrial linkage activities.

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2. Ambrose Nsabirwa
Financial Analyst

Ambrose is a BDS and Finance expert at Truvalu Uganda. He is a financial management consultant with 4 years of experience in financial modeling and risk management, financial strategy, macroeconomic and financial forecasting, and applied research.

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3. Jacob Olanya
Communication/IT Expert

Jacob is the Communications, ICT, and M&E professional at Truvalu Uganda. He has over ten years of experience in various areas of communications, marketing, branding, design, and management of ICT systems, program management, training, monitoring, and evaluation.

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4. Caroline Kamukama
Project Manager

Caroline is the Finance & Administration Coordinator at Truvalu Uganda. She has a proven track record in successfully leading programs and initiatives, and has received recognition for her performance in various roles.

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Office location

Truvalu Uganda Ltd is located at 552 Ring Road, Mutungo Hill P.O.Box 2879, Kampala, Uganda.