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ADC Uganda

ADC business acceleration program for Women in Agribusiness

Agribusiness Development Centre (ADC) through a partnership between DFCU Bank (Uganda) and Rabo Foundation (Netherlands), launched a Business Accelerator Program to support the growth of agribusinesses in an inclusive manner through training, sensitization, mentorship and facilitating linkage to finance to support their growth and self-sufficiency. The first cohort of trainees, a group of 50 women entrepreneurs, commenced in the second half of 2022. Truvalu Uganda was requested to coordinate, conduct training and facilitate the ADC business acceleration program for “women in agribusiness”. A total number of 33 women entrepreneurs participated in the whole program, all with different needs. Ms. Grace Katuramu, was one of the women entrepreneurs that was trained under the ADC program. The story of this woman-led company is one of many promising women -led enterprises participating in the ADC program.

The company

Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality, delicious tea blends. With a passion for creating unique and aromatic tea flavors, the team at Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd uses only the finest ingredients and a careful production process to craft premium teas that are loved by tea enthusiasts all over Uganda. Their product range includes a variety of tea blends, including classic black teas, green teas, herbal teas, and specialty teas, each with its own distinct flavor profile.

Truvalu Uganda was well positioned to play an active role in the ADC women in agri-business program, as we brought on board:

  • A deep understanding of SMEs in terms of how they operate, the challenges they face and what they need to do to survive and thrive.
  • Resources from our academy – a knowledge centre that provides business development support to SMEs to become investment and export-ready (read more about the academy).
  • A proven track record and extensive experience working with SMEs in Uganda especially in the agribusiness sector, supporting them to optimize their operations, develop value within their businesses, create impact in their communities and access financing to expand their business operations.
    Experience working with women entrepreneurs, their specific needs and apply gender sensitive approaches.
From the rich and bold taste of their English Jinja blend to the refreshing and invigorating aroma of their mujaaja tea, every sip of a Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd product is an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or simply looking for a delicious and healthy beverage, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd has a tea blend that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Social Impact

Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is also committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that all of the ingredients used in their teas are responsibly grown and harvested, and they strive to reduce their carbon footprint in all aspects of their business operations. It works to minimize its environmental footprint by using eco-friendly packaging materials and promoting sustainable practices in its tea gardens. The company works closely with local tea farmers to ensure that the ingredients used in their blends are of the highest quality.

In addition, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is committed to supporting local communities by providing employment opportunities and contributing to community development initiatives. The company works with local farmers to source its tea leaves, helping to provide a steady income for families and improve the standard of living in the surrounding area.

Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd also provides education and training programs for its employees, helping to build a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. The company’s aim is to empower its employees to reach their full potential and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the tea industry.

By making a positive social impact, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is not only improving the lives of those it serves, but also building a better future for generations to come.

The entrepreneur

Ms. Grace Katuramu is a renowned entrepreneur and business leader. She is the founder and CEO of Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd. With her strong vision and passion for tea, Grace has been able to build a thriving business that is dedicated to providing customers with exceptional tea experiences.

Grace’s expertise and experience in the tea industry have helped her to become a leader in the market. She has a deep understanding of the different tea varieties, blends, and production processes, which she combines with innovative and creative ideas to develop unique and exceptional teas.

Under her leadership, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd has expanded rapidly, serving customers in many countries around Uganda. Grace’s dedication and commitment to excellence have earned her numerous accolades and recognition in the business world, making her one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the tea industry. She is an inspiration to many, and her commitment to excellence continues to inspire others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Uniqueness of the company

Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd offers a unique and unparalleled tea experience to its customers, with a focus on producing high-quality, flavorful, and healthy tea blends.
The uniqueness of Pearl Flavored Tea lies in its high-quality teas with unique and delicious flavor blends (flavor combinations such as ginger and lemongrass, mint and chamomile, and cinnamon and vanilla), which are created using traditional tea-making techniques combined with modern flavor innovations. This results in a range of teas that are both comforting and exciting, appealing to tea lovers of all ages.

Future plans

In its future plans, Pearl Flavored Tea aims to scale its operations and expand its product range. The company has set its sights on becoming a leading provider of premium tea blends and expanding its reach to new markets. In order to achieve this goal, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is investing in research and development to create innovative new tea blends that will appeal to consumers all over the world.
Pearl Tea Ltd operates on a direct-to-consumer business model, offering their premium quality teas directly to customers through their website and various e-commerce platforms. In addition to their online presence, Pearl Tea also partners with specialty shops and food retailers to expand their reach and provide customers with a wider range of purchasing options. The company offers a subscription service for their most popular blends, providing customers with a convenient and regular supply of their favorite teas.

Another key strategy for scaling the business is to increase the distribution of its products through partnerships with retailers and wholesalers. The company is also exploring the possibility of opening its own brick-and-mortar retail locations, which will give customers the opportunity to sample and purchase its products in person.
Essential part of its future plans is its commitment to sustainability. The company is working to reduce its carbon footprint and source its ingredients from suppliers who share its values. Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is also further exploring new, eco-friendly packaging solutions to further reduce its impact on the environment.

With its commitment to innovation, a focus on high-quality products and exceptional customer service and sustainability, Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd is well prepared for success in the coming years. The company is eager to continue growing and evolving, and is confident that its tea blends will soon be enjoyed by tea lovers all over the world.


Truvalu has been instrumental in helping Pearl Flavored Tea understand the investment landscape and develop a strong investment-ready profile. Through its training and support, Truvalu has equipped Pearl Flavored Tea with the knowledge and skills necessary to attract investment and grow its business.

While Truvalu has not yet provided financial support, the training and guidance provided have been invaluable in helping Pearl Flavored Tea position itself for future growth and success. The company is looking forward to continuing its partnership with Truvalu and exploring potential collaboration opportunities in the future. Truvalu could provide financial resources (investments, loans, or other financial instruments) to the company to help scale their operations and bring their unique tea blends to a wider audience. By providing the necessary funds, Truvalu can help Pearl Flavored Tea Ltd to achieve its growth targets and continue to deliver high-quality tea products to its customers.