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Accelerating growth of local businesses for fair economic development.

Creating true value is about contributing to a better world via economic development with an economically sustainable business model.

Our impact

Truvalu’s results in 2021 speak for themselves

farmers reached
Jobs created and
Value created for
8.4 M


We have found ways to sustainably invest in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging economies! Enterprising with the businesses, we focus on co-entrepreneurship rather than finance alone.

We offer SMEs (our investees) private equity and loans, useful connections, concrete business advice, trade support, knowledge and access to technology. We support our investees in constantly enlarging their impact and monitor this carefully. 

We offer our investors an impressive social return on investment combined with an economic return.  

Partnering for social impact

We help innovative and scalable SMEs to grow and simultaneously develop fair and inclusive value chains. To do so, we bring together the (financial) resources from governments, NGOs, capital providers, academia, etc. in our ‘partnering for social impact programs’.

Through these programs we help high-potential SMEs to achieve the level of structure, organization, value chain stability, revenue growth and positive cash flows required by investors.

By joining forces with our partners with a long-term focus on private sector development, we can jointly create more opportunities and entry points to achieve more impact and create systemic, transformative changes. 


We equip SMEs, financiers, NGOs, governments, etc. with extensive online and offline training programs focused on ‘impact investment’. We offer trainings on impact investment, gender lens investing, our co-entrepreneurship investment methodology, good practices, and business acceleration.

We provide SMEs with practical hands-on tools and templates that are easy to apply in daily operations to grow their business in a truly sustainable manner.

We offer our partners in-depth and practical knowledge and tools to increase the social and financial impact of (joint) investment-readiness services, private equity investments, loans and other development services.


"The entrepreneurs of our portfolio companies are the true heroes of impact. Together we build value chains based on a fair distribution of profit, power and value and together we shape business models for the future."

Picture of Jaap-Jan Verboom

Jaap-Jan Verboom

CEO/ Founder Truvalu