Tru story: NF Coir Limited

The value chain as one enterprise: everybody sharing equally in growth!

Our method is an instrument for building various value chains, in different sectors. Internationally, regionally and locally. By connecting farmers in emerging countries with demand in the Western market. Or on a regional level, through rural businesses selling their products in solvent urban shops. The aim is to create employment in the broadest sense of the word, with a leading role for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Results 2020

Smallholder Farmers

Average # of farmers per company


% of female


% of youth


Total number of smallholder farmers benefited



Total number of jobs created and sustained


% of female


% of youth


Sustainable Development Goals

Truvalu’s  work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, primarily Zero Hunger (SDG 2), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8), and Responsible Production and Consumption (SDG 12). 

Truvalu contributes to this goal by growing its portfolio companies resulting into a larger offtake from their small producers. A larger offtake leads to increasing the incomes of small producers (including women, youth and indigenous people). 

Truvalu contributes to SDG 8 by investing in scalable SMEs with a specific focus on: creating sustainable employment for both qualified and unqualified workers;
increasing knowledge and skills in the workforce and promoting market-based solutions that further improve the sector’s productivity and added value. 

Truvalu invests in SMEs that purchase their raw materials from a large network of producers. It adopts a fair pricing model for its branded products by equally sharing the price premium in international markets between value chain actors. Truvalu imports products which are WFTO, Fairtrade and/or organic certified to offer a responsible products to European consumers.

Impact on businesses and society

Value is created at several places within the chain. At the production end by farmers growing raw materials. And by the processing companies who manufacture end products from these materials in accordance with fair principles. Mango becomes dried fruit; coconut becomes candleholder.

Tru Story: Color Cacao

“If we wanted our company to stay profitable, we would have to be different. We saw a great opportunity for farmers to switch from illegal coca leaf plantations to legal cacao. Together with Truvalu we have worked hard on a new strategy. The bar was set high. As the commitment comes with obligations, you appreciate the advice even more. The improvements were an eye-opener for us. Unique in our cooperation is the mutual trust.”

Ana Margarita - Color Cacao