About Trulab Colombia

In Colombia we operate in a co-owned structure with El Lab, an ecosystem builder that operates from Colombia to Latin America, focused on the agri-food and circular economy sectors, which seeks to:

Promote value creation in the productive chains of Latin America, through models of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment.

Build stronger, equitable and more connected ecosystems.

Accelerate generation of social impact, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity in the different links of the impacted production chains.

The total team is 37 staff plus 8 service providers. It has a circle of associates.

Annual turnover is around EUR 1M. Main functions are in BDS through a value chain approach, pipeline development, investment management & monitoring and a strong emphasis on trade. In Colombia we also have long term experience in blended programs with Donor funding (EU) and NGOs,

Besides doing FDIs, we also co-own and operate a local fund.

Until now Truvalu is co-enterprising with the following Colombian and South American companies:

Color Cacao

Color Cacao is a sole proprietorship that processes cocoa and transforms it into boxes or bars of chocolate with additions of Amazonian fruits, these chocolates are highly personalized products thanks to the regional women labor labor, whose delicacy guarantees each chocolate to be seen like a masterpiece. Find out more.

Cocina Soluciones

Cocina Soluciones: produces deep- frozen, ready-to-bake products. The company also owns the brand Mistral, an artisan bakery, which over time has become a recognized restaurant in the city of Bogotá D.C. It is inspired by French bakeries; a young company with a good level of sales, with research and creative dynamics in the development of products to provide a great experience to theirs customers with the staff who serve them as baristas, artisan products with raw materials with social impact and experience of the environment at the point of sale, also Mistral has the required permits and certifications. Read more about this company.

Rural paz

Rural Paz is a programme implemented by a consortium of Colombian and Dutch partners, implemented in 16 municipalities which were prioritized by the national government in the departments of Nariño and Putumayo in Colombia. It contributes to the implementation of the Peace Agreement, focusing on the creation of new opportunities for income generation, the participation of communities in territorial planning and the promotion of a culture of peace and reconciliation in the territories. Read more.

Cacao Pacifico

Cacao Pacifico is a company that produces and commercializes cocoa products, in this case cacao butter, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor and chocolate covers. These products are the raw materials needed for companies that produce finished chocolate products. Taking this information into account, the main clients and focus of Cacao Pacifico are B2B costumers, nationally and internationally. Find our more.

Del Huerto

Del Huerto is a company that processes III and IV GAMA (cutting process, cleaning, disinfection, refrigeration with cold chain and packaging) of vegetables and fruits transformed into pulp, julienne, sliced, grated, cubes and rings. Its main clients are large regional franchises.


Inzunai is a company dedicated to the design, development, marketing and production of natural products for the food and cosmetics industry, such as fixed oils, nuts and spices. They have three corporate clients that produce nutritional foods and cosmetics that use raw materials. Its suppliers are 5 Putumayo associations, and approximately 200 families impact.


Manduvira (Paraguay) is a cooperative that sources organic sugar cane from their cooperative members and exports with fair trade certification to over 20 countries, mainly european countries. The cooperative has more than 900 smallholders associated and around 150 staff. With the investment of Truvalu, Manduvira expanded the production plant including a sugar fractionating machine to reach the international market with new products generating better prices.


Natur (Bolivia) sources Amazonian fruits (mainly acai) from indigenous communities and after a process of freeze-drying the fruits, Natur exports them as superfood to international markets. The company has an interesting model providing technical support and a semi-process facility to smallholders generating additional incomes for local communities and the option to look for other amazonian fruits and supply new allies to export the products.


Pomario was founded to transform the way that people consume vegetables. Pomario sells organic produce, sourced from smallholder farmers and its greenhouses to Colombian families, retailers, and high-end restaurants. The enterprise is known for its pre-packed salads, sprouts, edible flowers, and micro vegetables. Read more.

“We have one of the lungs of the planet, by co-investing in conscious companies that generate environmental and social impact in the region, we will ensure better food for the planet and greater sustainability over time.”Santiago Gómez Zuluaga

Our team

Andres (Colombia) is a seasoned business developer with a passion for entrepreneurship, social impact and enlarging opportunities for all. Andres is Business Development Manager in Colombia since 2014, and he leads the merged Truvalu – El Lab team.

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Santiago is an ecosystem Builder, a serial entrepreneur, passionate about agribusiness, circular economy, and impact investing.

Unlocking the capacities of the agro and circular SME businesses in LATAM territories, through a co- entrepreneurship model, so they can build stronger, more connected and more equitable ecosystems that accelerates the generation of social impact, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity for their communities.

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Business strategist expert with over 10 years of experience on agribusiness acceleration, local economic development programs design and implementation, and management in sales and marketing. Currently running the business development services unit at El Lab Innovacion, designing methodologies, leading implementation, providing consultancy services along the agribusiness different value chains in Colombia and Peru.

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Estefania is corporate Affairs Manager | Management with governments, international cooperation, chambers of commerce and investment funds.

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Mateo has 14 years of experience, 9 of them as a leader, working in high performance and goal oriented culture. I base my professional relationships in effective communication, trust, creativity and discipline. *Debt *Equity

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Office location

TruLab Colombia is located in Cali, Colombia. Cali is a city located in the southwestern region of Colombia, in the department of Valle del Cauca. It is the third-largest city in the country and is known for its salsa music, dancing, and nightlife.

Cali has a significant impact on the southwestern region of Colombia, both culturally and economically. Economically, Cali is a major hub for commerce and industry in southwestern Colombia. The city has a strong economy based on services, commerce, and manufacturing. It is home to many national and international companies, including pharmaceutical, textile, and food processing industries.

Trulab Colombia is located in Calle 4B # 35A – 11, Cali, B-San Fernando in Cali.