Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of sustainable economic development in emerging countries. These entrepreneurs are in a unique position in the value chain. On the one side, they source directly from smallholder farmers and small producers. On the other hand, entrepreneurs sell their products on the local and international markets.

Truvalu is an impact company that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of local economies by connecting local producers to international consumers in a fair and inclusive value chain to provide the world with fair and honest products.



Through a global approach, we partner with high-potential entrepreneurs from selected emerging economies in Asia, East Africa, and South-America. Truvalu is inspired by these pioneering, innovative entrepreneurs and supports them through different stages of their companies’ life cycle to bridge the pioneering gap. 

With our support, the entrepreneurs become investment-ready and export-ready, as well as getting access to capital and markets in order to build an inclusive company. These companies can now scale up their businesses to become a driver for growth, jobs and economic prosperity.


With our partners we form an ecosystem to support agribusiness from startups to scale-ups, and in doing so we create substantial and lasting impact far beyond the “subsidized for impact” programs.

We build sustainable and international value chains

Truvalu develops fair and inclusive agro and food chains by supporting innovative and scalable SMEs in emerging markets. Through a global approach, we partner with high-potential entrepreneurs from selected countries in Asia, East Africa, and Latin America through the different stages of their companies’ life cycle to support them through the pioneering gap. 

We build sustainable and international value chains through working on the following four activities


We offer two types of financing:
1. i
nvestment capital (CAPEX); and 2. working capital (OPEX).

Companies that need to become export-ready require in many cases CAPEX finance which is provided by Truvalu in the form of convertible loans and/or equity investments.

The crowdfunding platform PlusPlus is used to offer companies straight loans to cover operational expenditures (OPEX).

Business Development Support

Truvalu provides Business Development Support (BDS) to make companies investment ready.
Besides that, we make SMEs export-ready by improving their (technical) expertise, ensuring the right quantity and quality of their supply, complying with local and international rules and regulations and acquiring the required certifications, like Fairtrade and organic certifications.

Market Entry

We support companies from A to Z to enter the European market by conducting market research, guiding on consumer preferences and by piloting, developing and branding products. Through its partners, Truvalu is importing products from companies from emerging markets and sells them in the European markets through B2B and B2C channels.

Value Chain Development

Truvalu actively connects all value chain actors to each other by playing the role of a so-called ‘chain director’. Ensuring alignment of interests and a fair distribution of profits, value and power is one of the key responsibilities of the chain director.