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We invest in SMEs in countries that we know thoroughly

Developing inclusive value chains begins with a good understanding of the local economy, business culture, needs of entrepreneurs, supplier issues, particularities of governments and politics, financial, tax and legal policies, local consumer needs and export facilities.

Over the years a continued analysis led to the choice and prioritization of four focal countries. Bangladesh, Colombia, Kenya and Uganda each have their own team. Our investments are led by experts based in these offices. We know these countries, their business culture, the economic & political context, and their financial, tax, export and legal policies.

We also (consider to) invest in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and India out of the nearby country offices. 

Our headquarters are in The Netherlands. Combined with support from our team in the Netherlands, we offer our portfolio companies local insights, expertise and support, access to international experts and networks.

Our offices


We have an office in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Please meet our colleagues and read more about the work we are doing here.


Our office in Colombia is based in Cali, one of the largest cities in Colombia. Meet the team!


Our team in Kenya is based in capital city Nairobi. Interested to learn more?


Our fourth office is based in Uganda, Kampala. Get to know the team.