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Truvalu invites YOU to become an impact investor!

Truvalu seeks additional investment capital of € 5.000.000 in 2023 (with a target to add the same amount per year in subsequent two years). This will be allocated to investments in our existing portfolio and in new SMEs in the four focus countries. 70% will be invested in equity and 30% in debt. 

We offer investors an impressive social return on investment combined with an economic return of 4% to 4.5% and an impressive 1 : 5 impact ratio, meaning that every euro invested results in 5 euros of local value annually.

Expectedly, this will onboard 10 new companies while the remainder of the capital is invested in the growth of existing businesses.

We offer ticket sizes of € 250.000 and € 500.000, with an expected payout period in 2030+

Are you interested to be part of the growth story of impactful entrepreneurs in one of our focus countries? We look forward to getting to know you. We would highly appreciate if you could share some core contact information with us, allowing us to reach out asap.

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We are more than willing to share more information about our investments possibilities. Please let us know if you are interested in contributing to the creation of benefits and impact.

I truly believe in the values of Truvalu.Value in relations. Taking responsability for each other. Helping each other to grow, embracing each others strength.Using business as a driving force for economic growth and community development and ultimatly better our worlds.Moving away from global power and anchoring local success created by real people. Like you and me. Healthy living together.In doing so unlocking mutual insights to accelerate and implement global solutions for mankinds problems of today.Hearing each other. Seeing each other. Strengthen each other.Each other.

Pablo Smolders

Investor Building Better Worlds