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Biniyog Briddhi

Biniyog Briddhi - Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh

B-Briddhi (Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh) is a multi-year public-private development partnership (PPDP) between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, LightCastle Partners and other stakeholders, including investors, private sector organizations, incubators, and support organizations for impact enterprises. Truvalu provided impact management and investment readiness services to the impact enterprises involved.

The program

The program has three intertwined pillars.

Capacity Building: Train and support impact enterprises to develop a robust mechanism to measure impact generated by their businesses. The impact enterprises are also provided investment readiness support to prepare themselves for raising funds from investors.

Catalytic Funding: Impact enterprises that have successfully implemented impact measurement systems get the opportunity to apply for impact linked funds.

Advocacy: This pillar is specifically targeted at policymakers, advocates, and investors to develop dynamic financing frameworks beyond classic debt and equity instruments.

Services provided by Truvalu

In the Scaling Impact Enterprises (SIE-B) program, Truvalu is working in the capacity of service provider. Truvalu provided the following services to the impact enterprises involved.

Impact Management: After successfully completing the ToT (Train the Trainers) program, Truvalu prepares a robust impact management framework for the impact enterprises that include developing the Theory of Change, Customer Promise Sheet, and a proper data management system to collect, store and analyze data for effective impact management and reporting. After successful development of the impact management framework, Truvalu works with the enterprises to raise catalytic funding.

Investment Readiness: Through investment readiness services, Truvalu works with the enterprises to develop contents like financial modeling, industry research, developing a pitch deck, data room, etc which are all generally required by the investors during due diligence.

Companies Truvalu worked with are: AVCL – Bunon – HAS Handicraft – Romoni – NF Coir Ltd – CHP Ltd – KhaasFood – WeGrow

The uniqueness of our service

In Bangladesh, many businesses have significant positive social and/or environment impact on society. In most cases, the founders are not aware of how to present the impact in a measurable way which can help them raise funds and pave the way for further business growth, thus having an enlarged impact. The SIE-B program has provided a unique opportunity to the impact enterprises to capitalize on the impact generated by their businesses. From the initiation of the program, Truvalu has so far provided service to 8 impact enterprises.