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We help innovative and scalable SMEs to grow and simultaneously develop fair and inclusive value chains. To do so, we bring together the (financial) resources from governments, NGOs, capital providers, academia, etc. in our ‘partnering for social impact programs’.
By joining forces with you as a partner and with a long-term focus on private sector development, we can jointly create more opportunities and entry points to achieve more impact and create systemic, transformative changes. 

Truvalu works with partners in two ways:

  • Partnering for social impact programs
  • Capacity building programs delivered through our Academy.

Partnering for social impact

We are looking for long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with NGOs, governments and development finance institutions. Together we can work on project-based initiatives to make local businesses ready for investments.

Together we can help high-potential SMEs to achieve the level of structure, organization, value chain stability, revenue growth and positive cash flows required by investors.

These SMEs can then continue to grow and drive positive economic and social impact in their local communities and with their suppliers (most often smallholders).

We believe that this way we can create more opportunities and entry points to achieve more impact and create systemic, transformative changes.

For examples of such partnerships in practice, please see the TruStories of implemented programs. 

Capacity building partnerships delivered through our academy

We equip SMEs, financiers, NGOs, governments, etc. with extensive online and offline training programs focused on ‘impact investment’.

We offer (online) trainings on impact investment, our co-entrepreneurship investment readiness methodology and good practices, business acceleration, financial modeling, investment planning, social impact and gender lens investing.

This way our partners can increase the social and financial impact of their (joint) investment-readiness services, private equity investments, loans and other development services.

As a service provider, we give our clients access to the proprietary knowledge, tools and templates of Truvalu. Besides, Truvalu provides strategic guidance, advice, training and support to clients and their partner’s staff and operational support for specific selected activities.

By equipping the organizations with the appropriate and high-quality investment-readiness services & investments and by sharing our own lessons learned we aim to maximize social impact.

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We are happy to tell you more about our current partnerships, programs and trainings and explore possibilities for new collaborations. Feel free to contact us and let’s partner for positive impact.