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We are looking for YOU to become your co-entrepreneur.

Are you an SME in the agri- & food or the processing industry?  Do you need smart capital to accelerate your growth and strengthen your operations and make a strong social impact on your communities and suppliers?

We want to know more about you!

Based on our ‘growth equity & social impact’ co-entrepreneurship strategy we want to  invest in you if you meet our criteria:

  • well balanced and seasoned founding and management team
  • viable business model with scaling opportunities and a realistic exit potential
  • revenue of at least € 200,000 per year with a positive cash flow 
  • sourcing from or supplying to more than 500 local producers
  • strong connectivity to local communities combined with high social impact potential.

If you meet our criteria, we want to be YOUR co-entrepreneur. We offer you:

  • growth equity (minority share)
  • strategic coaching
  • business development support
  • access to markets & trade support
  • access to knowledge &  technology

Truvalu’s current average ticket size is EUR 400,000. However, the investment size varies on a case to case basis. For larger investment needs, Truvalu can arrange co-investor(s) depending on the merit of the business.

Please email your pitch deck to the following address including your contact details and someone from Truvalu will reach out to you if all the requirements are met. 

Email: [email protected]

Please find below answers to the most frequently asked questions by investees.

Truvalu’s vision is to contribute to better lives of people in emerging economies through the businesses we support. We strengthen value chains, support responsible production and particularly strengthen producing and processing businesses in the chain so that through their increased capacity, a fairer distribution of power and wealth enables farmers and other producers to sustain their families and improve their lives.



The missing middle is generally referred to as the gap between microfinance on the one hand and large investments on the other hand. This gap of investment capital is generally considered to be between 50,000 and 1 million euro. Truvalu makes investments from 100,000 euro to 500,000 euro.

At the appropriate time, as determined by Truvalu in conjunction with the investee, a valuation is conducted to determine the value of Truvalu’s shares. A payment schedule is then developed, either for the investee to purchase back Truvalu’s shares or for sale to a new investor.

No, we only invest in for-profit businesses. We do however work with NGOs/ DFIs/ Accelerators/ incubators FIs to develop the ecosystem.

Not really. Truvalu is an investor not a grant maker. If an investment proposal is not profitable without grant money, Truvalu will not invest. Nonetheless, Truvalu provides technical assistance with grant money of donors.

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Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or to send us your pitchdeck.

The collaboration with Truvalu has grown over time to a level where Truvalu offers support in finance and strategic advice, which are of crucial importance. The effect of this collaboration is phenomenal considering the transformation of our business model and the growth of GrowPact.

Picture of Joshua Mugendi Njiru

Joshua Mugendi Njiru

Director Growpact, investee Truvalu