Vision and Mission


Truvalu believes that agriculture is critical to achieve global poverty reduction targets. It is still the single most important productive sector in most low-income countries, often in terms of its share of Gross Domestic Product and almost always in terms of the number of people it employs.

That is why we work hard to support pioneering entrepreneurs in emerging countries to provide them access to capital, skills & knowledge, connection to local (and international) networks and markets. In order to build an inclusive company that can scale its business to become a driver for growth, jobs and economic prosperity. From entrepreneur to enterprise.


We build competitive, inclusive agri-food businesses and fair value chains in emerging markets in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America for social impact, economic returns and to provide consumers with fair and honest food products.


We have set a number of goals for ourselves to realize by 2023:

  • Train and support 1,000 startups in different sectors by Truvalu.startups;
  • Participate in around 100 agri-food businesses with an average investment of around EUR 170,000 in upcoming emerging countries by;
  • 100,000+ smallholder farmers and workers receive substantially higher wages and are fully integrated into the value chain;
  • Improved business ecosystems by training 2,000 people through the in 10 different courses;
  • Introduction of premium brands in 5 food categories in European markets, such as chocolate bonbons and dried fruit by Truvalu.brands.