Truvalu is a holding company with subsidiaries that form an ecosystem to support small and growing agri-food businesses.

StartupsTruvalu.startups scouts and selects potentially scalable startups with an innovative product or service with the aim to stimulate innovation in emerging markets. Truvalu.startups supports the selected entrepreneurs through a six-months program with investment, hands-on business development support, training, a mentor network and matchmaking with investors. Truvalu.startups also feeds the pipeline of Read more.

Enterprises participates in local agribusinesses with a unique combination of early-stage funding, business development support and access to local, and if applicable, international networks. Through this co-entrepreneurship approach we develop pre-growth SMEs to business maturity for economic returns and social impact. is the fund manager of the Business Booster Fund in which a variety of investors participate. Read more.

Academy provides online tools and training to internal and external clients, business developers and entrepreneurs. These trainings and tools are especially designed for the benefit of SMEs in upcoming emerging markets but can be tailor-made to your specific needs. Read more.

BrandsTruvalu.brands supports SMEs with a high quality food product to enter the European market. The goal is to create direct market access for SMEs so they can equally profit from the value they added throughout the chain. Truvalu.brands is supporting SMEs in creating a strong product, brand and marketing strategy. Read more.