Truvalu.startups successfully accelerates innovative startups through the so-called pioneer gap. This is strongly needed since only a few (impact) investors are willing to provide money and technical assistance to fund the startups to develop their business, get their first clients and get started. Truvalu.startups focuses on startups that want to enter emerging markets with their innovation.

Innovation accelerator in emerging markets

Truvalu.startups is the world’s first global business accelerator for radical innovations for emerging markets. We offer a seven-month program to validate the market for your innovation, get first clients and close contracts with distribution and/or business partners:

  • Hands-on business development support
  • Validation in local context
  • (Online) training on doing business in emerging markets
  • Opening new networks (distribution channels, client base, investors)
  • Matchmaking between companies and investors, business partners and clients
  • Seed funding

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