actively participates in local SMEs in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. Our mission is to create local jobs, global networks and a sustainable impact combined with economic returns. has the following objectives:

  • Early-stage, inclusive agri-food businesses have grown into profitable companies;
  • Improved local and international market access for agribusinesses and smallholder farmers;
  • Improved access to capital, skills and expertise for agri-food companies.

Strategic Pillars works towards these goals through our four strategic pillars:

  1. Unique co-entrepreneurship approach: participates as hands-on co-entrepreneur in promising, inclusive agri-food entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses (SGB’s) to accelerate them to scalable businesses and on average triple their value by providing growth capital, business development support and access to networks and if applicable (new) (international) markets;
  2. Access to growth capital: invests up to € 250,000 in capital per company, but the average investment ticket is around € 170,000.
  3. Business development support: the business development support is – different to what many others do – directed at both the company’s primary activities, such as the operational process, marketing & sales, and logistics, as well as the secondary activities, such as the financial administration, human resource management, procurement, ICT and communications. This business development support is given / organised out of 5 local offices in the emerging world.
  4. Access to networks and markets: and its partners actively support companies in promoting their products and services in local and export markets by connecting them to their local and international networks of clients, business partners (distributors, retail companies), and export partners.

Core Values

We believe in the inventiveness of enterprising people, in participating in early stage companies, in job creation, long-term investment and in missing middle investment.

  • Inventiveness of enterprising people, businesses and markets play an essential role in creating opportunities for millions of people living in poverty. Ingenuity accelerates development progress and helps solving the world’s most complex development and environmental challenges.
  • Investing in the early stages, and not just financially. In the early stage when it is most difficult to attract investments the entrepreneur needs external support the most in order to build his business. This is when impact investments are most valuable.
  • Job creation. Creating stable employment opportunities at reasonable wages is one of the best manners to lift smallholder farmers long-term out of poverty.
  • Long-term investment (at least six years). This guarantees that the best results are reached for all involved stakeholders.
  • Missing middle investment. It is possible with the right processes and skills to invest profitably in agri-food SMEs in the ‘missing middle’ with a 100K euro – 250K euro financing need.