What we do

Truvalu.academy is an online learning platform providing tools and hands-on training courses to experts like investment managers or business developers working with companies, but also to entrepreneurs of startups and early-growth SMEs. The goal is to further professionalize business developers and entrepreneurs and to increase the success rate of (social) enterprises.

The practical trainings have some unique key features:IMG_20170531_131035

  • especially created videos
  • weekly plenary sessions with experts
  • real-life examples
  • courses internally validated
  • focused on SMEs in upcoming emerging economies


Truvalu.academy provides tools, such as a thorough financial model, validation canvas, investment process, and a bookkeeping system for SMEs. Around these tools, e-learning modules are provided so content is globally available and courses can be done in preferred time and location. The e-learning modules are not merely theoretical, but offer also applicable content arranged around practical tools and real-life cases. These tools strengthen the companies  you support and your private sector development programs. 


The e-learning modules train your staff and portfolio companies to use and implement the tools. All our content is based on experience and best practices of BBAs own staff and companies. This results in hands-on, practical courses, including real-life examples.

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