Team and Trainers


Sacha Tuitert

Sacha is Manager of As manager of RNW Media she developed an e-learning course and as International Program manager at Centre for Safety and Development she was responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating training programs. In addition, she has written several proposals on training for a number of international NGOs. Therefore, her position at is exactly the right place to be for her.

The trainings are developed and conducted by a pool of trainers who have many years of experience in their particular fields.

Trainer Boostcamp and Business Case Financial Modeling

Maarten Hasselman

Maarten holds a Masters degree in Global Business and Sustainability and has several years of experience analyzing business cases and making financial projections to take investment decisions. He was at the start of the Academy and developed the first training and later on several other trainings for both internal and external clients.



Trainer – Pedro Valarini


Trainer Business Case Financial Modeling

IMG_9518 (2016_01_07 20_33_53 UTC)
Hans van Kesteren

Early 2015 Hans has from Shell and is now looking for a next step in his career. His ambition is to contribute to the well being of people building on my strengths and experience. Hans has been exposed to many cultures during his childhood and international career and he is very comfortable connecting with people regardless of their background. His strengths are about selecting, developing and motivating people, creating high performing teams,  aligning people across the globe towards common goals, managing stakeholders to ensure their support and commitment, dealing with ambiguity and delivering results under demanding circumstances. Hans is a Finance and IT professional with a hybrid career both in IT and Finance.

Trainer Lean Startup

Walter aan de Wiel
Walter aan de Wiel

Walter is the Director of Truvalu.startups and the driving force behind this accelerator program, which is wholly in line with his personal mission to create impact through good business. Walter is a strategist and a doer and he thinks in possibilities. He wants to design, develop and build companies that matter. He has successfully built multiple businesses from scratch in emerging economies, which has given him a rich experience to inform his role as Director of Truvalu.startups.

Trainer – Leo van der Meiden