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Goshen Farm Exporters Kenya

The company

Goshen Farm Exporters Limited was established in 2010. This social enterprise is actively providing resilient and sustainable markets to smallholder farmers in Kenya. The company works with thousands of smallholder farmers in Lower Eastern and Coastal regions of Kenya.

Founded as a fresh produce export company, the initial years of the company were focused on exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to markets in the EU and Middle East. In order to find a more sustainable business model, Goshen Farm Exporters Limited established a value-added products division where it focuses on purchasing fruits from farmers, while saving them from market glut which are processed into premium healthy dried natural fruit snacks.

The entrepreneur

Goshen Farm Exporters is a woman founded and majority owned enterprise. The owner has a background in Business Administration. The founder resigned from a Western Kenya based NGO that provided water to communities to venture into entrepreneurship where she became a mango and orange farmer. At that time, she realized that during the high season a lot of the produce goes to waste because there is too much supply for the market. That is why she started Goshen Farm Exporters, to help link farmers from her local community in Lower Eastern Kenya to the markets.

The successor CEO is her co- founder and son, Alex Muli (1987) a Global Executive Master of Business Administration graduate at United States International University in Kenya. He is also an African Development Bank (AFDB) 2019 Africa Young Agripreneurs Forum overall winner. Alex also has a post graduate certificate in Business Development and Management through Innovation from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, 2016. He is a 2020 Alibaba Business School E-founders fellowship Graduate. He was recently also part of the O-farms Accelerator Program; the first in Africa that focuses on Agri-circularity.

The company has a management team of 5 whereas two positions are held by women. The company employs 23 employees (12 are women). 62% of its smallholder farmers are also women.

Social impact

The Lower Eastern Kenya and Coastal Kenya areas are semi-arid regions characterized by serial rain failure. This makes it difficult for farmers to grow Kenyan staples like Maize and Beans. Thus no need to downplay the role played by tropical fruits which are alternatives and suitable crops for the regions hence giving farmers resilience.

The increased focus on value addition results in higher volumes that farmers can offload into the market. This guarantees them a stable market while still enjoying access to free extension services, arrangements for input issuance on credit and trainings, including and not limited to Climate Smart Technology dissemination, good agricultural practices, Gender Action Learning Systems and small business skills trainings.

Goshen is seeking to feed global communities through a focus on food loss reduction, through processing fresh tropical fruits into premium dried fruit snacks, hence elongating shelf life and averting losses that could have taken place fruits are highly perishable. Goshen is on a mission to feed people with healthy food. Goshen has also adapted the all-inclusive business model where produce is sourced 100% from smallholder farmers, thus onboarding thousands of smallholder farmers who have found a sustainable and resilient market in Goshen Farm Exporters Ltd.People have been impacted through stimulated additional jobs which have been created indirectly ranging from service providers, agrovets, aggregators who work with the smallholder farmers and giving them support to ensure they optimize their yield.The company is on course to onboarding 10,000+ farmers to supply the company by 2025.The company has created jobs for rural households, mainly for rural women located around its factory in rural Makueni who are employed by the company. This is reducing rural urban migration in a region characterized by drought, thus giving a lifeline to the social and economic wellbeing of the locality.
Goshen Farm Exporters Ltd seeks to adapt 90% by sea freight by Mid 2023 from Airfreight hence significantly reducing carbon footprint.The company is actively recruiting new farmers to plant fruit trees, hence seeking to put over 10,000 acres under fruit tree cover by 2028, hence reducing the impact of deforestation and reducing the carbon footprint significantly.
The company is on course into becoming Kenya’s pioneer organic dried fruit exporter. This will be achieved by the end of June 2023. The company seeks to be Eastern Africa’s largest dried tropical fruit exporter by 2025 in size, volumes and number of contracted smallholder farmers.


Goshen Farm has several crucial certifications. It has a valid trading export licence issued by the Horticultural Crops Directorate. Besides that, the company has also been certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards which validates it to trade in its Fruitee local retail brand. The company is also organically certified for export EU, USDA/NOP and JAS of avocados and is finalizing a certification for tropical dried fruit for the three authorities too. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) packhouse certification and organic certification have been acquired.

The company is operating a biogas system to make its production and energy source more sustainable.

Future plans

Scaling opportunities
The company is seeking to become Eastern Africa’s leading dried fruit exporter. This will be achieved by completion of its new, 9000 metric tonne’s capacity per annum state-of-the-art processing factory warehouse to process dried fruit for export to its buyers in the EU. The company is in negotiation with various buyers to sign exclusive rights. Completion of this facility is expected end of June 2023.

Apart from up-cycling fruits into value-added products, the company is operating a biogas system to make its production and energy source more sustainable and is setting up a BSF farm to convert the fruit waste into organic fertilizer.


  • Truvalu invested in Goshen in 2018 through a convertible loan, which has been converted into equity in 2022.
  • Truvalu has also injected additional funds, which are used for further expansion and increasing the drying capacity.
  • Truvalu is a member of the board of directors.
  • Based on the convertible loan from Truvalu, the company was also able to acquire a working capital loan from Rabo Foundation.
  • Truvalu supports access to European buyers.
  • Truvalu was able to find a consulting firm to undertaking market research and identify potential buyers in the EU. Based on outcomes of this research, e-meetings were organized where Goshen was able to engage with buyers.
  • Later in start of Q2 2022, Truvalu facilitated for physical meetings with buyers in the EU. Goshen Farm representatives along Truvalu met the potential buyers, who expressed their willingness and interest to buy assorted tropical dried fruits from the company.
  • Truvalu supported in financial modelling which set the runway for the next round of investments for the envisaged expansion due for completion in June 2023.

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