Business Case Financial Modeling for Entrepreneurs

In this course you will learn that being able to work with financial forecast is a crucial skill that entrepreneurs need nowadays. On the one hand it helps you to assess the financial needs of your company, on the other hand it gives you the necessary information to approach investors.

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Week 1

Themes: Break Even Point, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return.
Activities: You are introduced to basic financial concepts. Based on a real case example they have to make assignments and do the financial assessment of a company.

Week 2

Themes: Introduction to the Truvalu Financial Model template.
Activities: You will start to use the Business Case Financial Model tool with your own case. E-learning videos support you to use and understand the different parts of the tool. You will have the opportunity to apply the lessons learned to your own case. At the end of the week you are invited to participate in a plenary session to discuss the main outcomes of the week.

Week 3

Themes: Financing Instruments, ​Profit​ & Loss Statements​, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Finances.
Activities: By working with a real case example you will learn how to structure the financing​ of a company. The lessons learned are applied to your own company.

Week 4

Themes: Financial Performance,​ Financial Return​, Investment Decision.
Activities: Now that you have finished the Business Case​ Financial Modeling you can evaluate the financial performance of the company and assess the Investor’s return which is needed to develop an investor’s proposition.

Why take this course?

In this course you are trained to be able to understand the main financial indicators as well as be able to apply the financial model tool specially designed for SMEs in emerging markets. You are invited to use your own business case during the training. As a result you will be able to model your financial case thoroughly to be used for management purposes and to attract capital.

What can I expect?

Access to the Truvalu Business Case Financial Model; access to e-learning videos explaining the use of the model; group support from our trainers about the use of the model; access to real case examples and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Prerequisites and Requirements

This is a basic course on financial analysis. You are expected to know and understand the following topics: Accounting Fundamentals and reading financial statements.

Program Leads

IMG_9518 (2016_01_07 20_33_53 UTC)
Hans van Kesteren
Maarten Hasselman