The Boostcamp gives an introduction to work according to the investment methodology and internal processes of your own company. The training is designed for employees who work in companies that provide business development support and invest in startups and scale-ups in upcoming emerging economies. The training can be tailor-made to the specific needs of your organization to use it either as an induction or refresher course.

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Week 1

Themes: Acquire knowledge about the value proposition of your organization
Explain the context in which your company is operating. Topics like team, organizational setup, roles and responsibilities are addressed.
Activities: Get to know the team, the organizational setup and governance of the organization. Introduction to various roles and responsibilities, value proposition of the organization and obtain a better understanding of  the track record

Week 2

Themes: Organization’s methodology e.g. logic behind phased approach
Activities: Understand the company methodology as well as the activities and tools that your company requires you to work with.

Week 3

Themes: Focus on 1 or 2 phases of the phased approach, e.g. assessment phase
Activities: Work according to the standards of your organization, like e.g. scouting companies and performing a criteria check.

Week 4

Themes: Focus on 1 or 2 other phases of the phased approach, e.g. investment phase
Activities: Create all the required documentation that is required by your company to develop your work.

Why take this course?

The Boostcamp gives you an introduction to your own organization and team and trains you in working according to its financial methodology and internal processes.

What can I expect?

This training supports you to work in accordance to the set standards and methodology of your organization. The tools that are part of this methodology are incorporated and therefore actively used within the training. Tools like videos, practical assignments, website, interactive map, plenary sessions and elevator pitch can be used to increase the interactivity among you and the participants of the training.

Prerequisites and Requirements

This is a basic level. No prerequisites are necessary.

Program Leads

Maarten Hasselman
Pedro Valarini