Unique Approach

With our unique approach we participate as a hands-on co-entrepreneur in promising, inclusive agri-food entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses (SGBs) to accelerate them to scalable businesses and on average triple their value by providing growth capital (up to € 250,000 per company), business development support and access to networks and if applicable new (international) markets. Our Business Development Support is directed at both the company’s primary activities, such as the operational process, marketing & sales, and logistics, as well as the secondary activities, such as the financial administration, human resource management, ICT and communications. Furthermore, we actively support companies in promoting their products and services in local and export markets by connecting them to their local and international networks of clients, business partners (distributors, retail companies), and export partners.

Truvalu infographic.png

Our link to Truvalu.brands gives us the ability to operate at both the early start and the very end of the value chain. Offering tailor-made support to portfolio companies to build truly inclusive, equitable food value chains.


We believe that it is crucial to first get to know a company before we invest financially. After the six-months pre-investment period, we evaluate whether the business is worth investing in or not. When the company successfully passed the pre-investment test, we engage in a six year partnership.  This way, we achieve a higher success rate and keep our business healthy and sustainable.